Markus Radtke is a graduate of the Animation programme at Emily Carr University of Art and Design. In 2007 he directed and animated Sudden Remakes 1, a Star Wars/Arnold Schwartzenegger parody. Posted on Nov. 2008, it has been viewed over seventy-one-thousand times. Selected a finalist in the 2009 Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge it aired once on Spike TV. In 2008 he directed and animated Wild Salmon in Trouble for the Watershed Watch Salmon Society, describing the threat wild salmon face from sea lice on BC salmon farms. Norges Jeger- og Fiskerforbund, a Norwegian organization saw the video and approached Watershed Watch to have the animation adapted to reflect the situation in Norway, intended for distribution in Europe. Working with Drew Ann Wake he has animated a series of interactive projects including Get Eddie, Inquiry, and Coach, the story of an exchange teacher from southern climes who is caught up in the frenzy around the 2010 Winter Olympics.